Kellyanne Conway shoots back at MSNBC Anchor – It’s time people stopped using speeches as an anti-Trump movement


Kellyanne Conway had a lot to say when an MSNBC anchor misused a Trump speech. She made sure the reporter got fired for good.

A lot of media is coming up with great stories about Trump. So where does all the motivation come from? Well you take one of Trump’s speeches. You bend it a little and you have a “BRAKING NEWS” headline.


This week an MSNBC reporter was doing the same thing. Unfortunately Conway was shown the video and boy did she had a lot to say. Take a look for yourselves:

People really do wonder if he still has his job. Conway is a 100% right. The Media is just looking for a good scoop. However reporting an incorrect report by the president is no news report. If anything, it’s not even new. Mainstream has been doing it for a long time.

Anti-Trump speeches are invented by the day. You haven’t even seen half of them so far. It’s really shocking that they even touch sensitive matters like terrorist attack and turn them around in an anti-Trump movement.

Well it seems that people like that have no shame or dignity as news reporters. That’s why we have Conway to set them straight. Comment below if you agree with her point of view regarding the matter.


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