Just in: one of the Terrorists in London attacks revealed – this is way scarier than we thought!


A documentary, called “The Jihadist Next Door”, was aired on BBC last year. This documentary was about a group of Muslim extremists in the UK who wanted to implement Sharia Law there, and who sympathized with ISIS.

By the time this film was aired on BBC, one of the terrorists in the documentary had already left for Syria and started progressively on the ISIS propaganda as an executioner.


Below is a picture of Abu Rumaysah, the one who was in the documentary aired on BBC. And below that one is a picture of him in ISIS propaganda, not long-after.

London attacker

Sadly, this documentary didn’t initiated any action by the UK officials, which might have avoided one of Saturday’s terrorist attacks in London.

As reported by the Evening Standard:

MI5 and police faced growing pressure today over whether the London Bridge murders could have been prevented after it emerged that at least one of the attackers was a known extremist who had been reported to the authorities.

Neighbours in the block of flats in Barking where “Abs” — one of the three alleged terrorists — lived said that he had been thrown out of his local mosque because of his views and had a reputation for aggressive behaviour.

There were further claims that he had twice been reported to police over fears about his extremism and that police had last month secretly recorded Islamic State-inspired plotters in Barking talking about mounting a van and knife attack.

Footage of the killer, who is understood to be aged 27 and of Pakistani heritage, has also emerged from a Channel 4 documentary last year in which he is seen among a group of radicals unveiling an Islamic State flag in a London park.


Other film of him berating police outside a mosque has also been published.

BBC and UK authorities should have initiated some actions in order to prevent this incident that happened on Saturday in London. They were aware of the ticking time bomb and did nothing about it.

According to sources, there are more than 23,000 suspected jihadists which are constantly monitored by British intelligence – and looks like, the punishment for public displays of “Islamophobia” carry a punishment more harsh than actually calling for Jihad.



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