JUST IN: NY Post BOMBSHELL… Obama “Shadow Gov’t” Targeting Trump


It seems that former President Obama won’t follow in the footsteps of presidents before him and just disappear from the public eye. Sadly, this is still something we can only desperately hope for.

The New York Post contributor Paul Sperry reported that Obama has an “army of agitators” who intend fight President Donald Trump at every turn. Furthermore, Obama will command this army of more than 30,000 from a location less than a couple of miles from the White House.


Not only has Obama secured a command post in Washington, but he allegedly has 250 offices throughout the nation occupied by activists ready to give President Trump a battle at every opportunity they can get.

Obama is working behind the curtains to establish what would essentially be a shadow administration to protect his pitiful legacy and sabotage Trump’s “America First” strategy. This obscure army is “well-funded” and recruitment is strong with many “young liberal activists” willing to climb on board and start making trouble for Donald Trump. Obama’s capable of organizing such a movement through a network of progressive nonprofits led by Organizing for Action.

The organization’s webpage brags that it is “committed to finding and training the next generation of great progressive organizers.”

Barack Obama has proven once again how flagrant he can be. The people were vocal during the election and told the Democrats just what they didn’t prefer — which was an extension of him and his ideologies that do nothing but hurt Americans, our freedom, and our security.

While news about Obama’s secret army is brazen, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama indicated after the election that he wouldn’t be going away, but his reasons for drumming up a force of agitators against Trump only reinforces what a classless, sore loser he is.

This nation does not need another Obama. It just needs him to step off so it can prosper.


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