John McCain Left Speechless By Trump’s Latest Brilliant Move


Independent Journal Review is reporting John McCain’s reaction to the debt ceiling deal President Trump just struck with Democrats.

The agreement funds the federal government until December and provides sufficient funding to bring relief to Hurricane Harvey victims. Trump’s agreement to the deal has sidelined RINO Republicans such as Paul Ryan and now is apparently throwing senior establishment politicians like McCain off their game as well.

In recent weeks McCain has badmouthed the President abroad and insulted him at home, so it’s not exactly a surprise he would also come out against this savvy deal.

The Arizona senator is reportedly stunned by the deal.

“Haven’t seen anything like it before,” McCain said in remarks to the Washington Post. “I’m a pretty intelligent guy, but I don’t understand this.”

He was joined by other RINO voices such as pretty-boy Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

Apparently Trump gave no warning to Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders that he was going to sign on to the debt ceiling agreement. It left Ryan, McConnell and others stunned.

It’s called the art of the deal, guys. Maybe he didn’t want you to sabotage him like you always try to do.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear that more deals with the Democrats are definitely possible. 

Here’s how this works McCain, Ryan, McConnell and team: if a deal moves forward the Make American Great Again agenda the deal gets signed. If a deal doesn’t move forward the Make America Great Again agenda it gets scrapped. Pretty simple, no?

McCain, Ryan and their ilk should stop pretending Trump owes them loyalty and should bow to them. They owe him loyalty after a campaign of sabotaging him and a record of stabbing him in the back his entire presidency. Their arrogance that they think he should now care about their confusion and corporate agendas is ridiculous.

Sanders put it best on this one.

“The [American] people wanted somebody to be a leader,” she said. “They wanted somebody that was going to step up and take action and get things done and that is exactly what the president did.”


Guess what leader they didn’t pick when they had a chance?  John McCain.

Seriously, John, give it a rest and support our President. Please, for the good of our country stop bad-talking and undermining the work he is trying to do.

What do you think of John McCain’s latest disparaging comments about President Trump?