Ben & Jerry’s still refuse Trump – They hired new Illegal Aliens


Ben & Jerry’s have been rebelling against Trump for quite some time now. However their recent attempt might have crossed the line.

They hired illegal aliens to work on their dairy farms across Vermont. However they were not ready for the consequences. One of their ice-cream shops got raided by a ton of illegals and liberals. The group of people started demanding pay-raises and better standards for the working illegals. They held huge banners saying “March For Milk and Dignity” as they blocked the shop’s entrance.


Guided by the Farm-worker authored Code of Conduct these people basically shut down the ice-cream shop for the day. They further requested more education and needs to provide an “economic relief” as this program states. Here is how it all went:

Ben and Jerry just found out what Trump has been warning them about the hard way. They got what they deserved. A true taste of what illegals are capable of doing.

Instead of being grateful and keeping quiet about their jobs, these people demand even more. This company gave them a helping hand and they took the whole advantage.


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