James Comey refused to turn in the memo he leaked – He continues to claim that it was deleted


James Comey’s testimony had revealed a lot of shocking information. From clearing Trump’s name to admitting leakage of classified information. Comey has openly spoken about every question asked. Well after the hearing, authorities asked him to hand over the memo he leaked. It seems as though that is the only thing he won’t co-operate with.

Well since Comey won’t reply, they turned to Richman. Here is the official letter they sent:


Well something isn’t right here. The memo with classified information was really important for Comey. Than out of nowhere he deleted it from all the computers he used and the official FBI laptop.

Here is what media had to say about it:

However New York Times had another die of the same story:


So did Comey actually delete the memo or is he hiding it to protect himself? Comment below and tell us what you think.


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