Hillary had a hard time admitting defeat after the election – Look at how Le Pen reacts after the French election


Hillary Clinton was not even capable of admitting defeat after the 2016 election. Look at how French candidate Le Pen reacts after her loss.

During their premature celebration Hillary and Bill Clinton were overjoyed. Some of the cameras managed to catch their moment:


However the moment the results are out and Trump wins, she can’t even admit her own defeat. Instead they reported that she was uncontrollably crying and couldn’t hold a speech for the press.

Weeks after the election ended, Hillary was nowhere to be seen. Then after a long break she returned to the public just to cry even more. She apparently lost because of other people. That included WikiLeaks, Russian hacker, FBI etc.

Well Hillary should learn a few things from French president-elect Marine Le Pen. After a total defeat by Emmanuel Macron, Le Pen was having a party with her supporters.

What’s more she gave a proper speech to her supporters and congratulated her opponent. She wished him the best and even offered support if ever needed.

Le Pen is truly in love with her country and would do anything to protect it. It’s a shame she lost, but she isn’t a sore loser like someone we all know.

Social media immediately noticed a difference when it came to defeated president elects. Here are some of the messages:


Perhaps Hillary could learn a few things. Give Le Pen your respect as she has shown the world how to take a punch.


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