Hidden footage from the NBC interview with President Putin – You won’t believe what they are trying to hide


The public is in an uproar as NBC hid a very important video. They deleted a scene from the interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. What they tried to hide is unforgivable.

A video leaked on the internet regarding the famous interview with President Putin done by NBC’s Megyn Kelly. At first glance it seems like nothing until you hear what Putin says. They tried to hide this scene. In other words they hid the truth and in fact showed the public fake news.


Without further ado here is the footage:

It seems as though Kelly is constantly trying to provoke the Russian president. Not only that but she can’t seem to understand why it is constantly not working. It seems that she is too used to politicians having an outburst and slipping a lot of information. Unfortunately for her she is dealing with Putin here. He has not been the president of Russia for 17 years for nothing. In fact he is responding like a true politician should.

NBC’s plan failed so this part never got in the final footage. Luckily we have some people leaking it and showing the world how ashamed the news-station was.

Comment below and share the news. Show everyone how Trump destroyed NBC.


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