Guests “Annoyed” by “Women’s advocates”at Trump Golf Course Protest


So-called women’s advocates received a less-than-chummy reception when they attempted the weekend to hijack the U.S. Women’s Open at the Trump National Gold Course in New Jersey to protest both President Donald Trump and the U.S. Golf Association for choosing to hold this year’s tournament at his course.

Reports say that the guests participating at the event found these protesters rather annoying, to say the least.


“Crazy wacked out libs,” said one woman present at the tournament as she walked past the demonstrators, the reported.

“Go into the woods and find Hillary,” another attendee shouted.

Reportedly, the “most vocal opponent” was a Taiwanese refugee that blasted these “women advocates” for spewing such nonsense.

“What rights have you lost?” she inquired of the protesters. “We don’t all buy into this propaganda.”

Part of a group that identifies itself as UltraViolet, the protesters’ beef with the president was based entirely in delusion.

“I am here to express my disgust that the USGA is using a women’s sport as a platform to celebrate, license, legitimize and elevate a sexual predator,” stated UltraViolet campaign director Emma Boorboor, The Washington Post reports.

I think if anyone fits that description, that would be former president Bill Clinton, who these so-called women’s advocates and also other liberal feminists had such sympathies for.

“It was important for us to come inside, so the USGA, LPGA and even the PGA know the message, that by holding events at Trump courses, they are saying sexual assault is OK, that sexism is OK,” added Melissa Byrne, a UltraViolet coordinator.


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