Former CNN CEO gives media a great bombshell – Reporters are in fact “Performers” while the camera is rolling


Former CNN CEO gives the world a shocking reveal. Media is using this story as a starting point. Reporters are just “performers” in front of the cameras.

During an MSNBC interview, Walter Isaacson gave the explanation of a lifetime. He just described mainstream reporters in a word. “Performers” was his exact description of these fakers.

Andrea Mitchell, the host of the interview was shocked. She tried to provoke Isaacson against Spicer, yet she got slapped on the face with this response. It seems that he is not a person you want to provoke and walk away with it.

However what Isaacson is saying is true. All these so called “reporters” need to act in front of the camera and ask a few stupid questions to make Spicer angry. The White House briefings are just a bunch of people acting out in front of camera crews. In the mean time they are a bother for Spicer who is trying to share the latest news the government has to give.

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