Devastating News HIT Alaska Recently – One Plane Crushed and One Still Missing


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has recently been quite absent on the media, since Donald Trump won the presidential elections. There have been rumors, but nothing was certain, until now.

According to a report, former governor Sarah Palin abandoned all activity lately cause of a fatal accident that happened in her state. She posted the story on Facebook :


“Please pray for loved ones of Alaska Rep. Mike Kelly, a very good man, a friend to all Alaskans, killed in a plane crash yesterday,” she wrote. “And please join Alaskans in prayer for missing aircraft with four on board traveling yesterday into Anchorage. May they miraculously be found safe. Thank you.”

The sudden event was disastrous for the Alaskan community. As reported, investigations and searches are still ongoing for the plane crash and for the other missing plane carrying four passengers, which departed for Anchorage but never arrived. Rumors say that the plane might have crushed into a lake.

National Park Service spokesman John Quigley stated: “At this time, no debris from the aircraft has been recovered. Water in the area is around 375 feet deep.”


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