Jason Chaffetz discovers hidden truth about Loretta Lynch – She is currently panicking


Loretta Lynch is currently in big trouble. Jason Chaffetz has some hidden information on her. He might even put her in jail.

House of Oversight committee chairman Chaffetz is not going to let her get out of this one. He spoke about Lynch and her attempts at saving Hillary from the email fiasco. It seems that he found more than enough evidence to start the case. Here is his statement:


After finishing his explanation about General Michael Horowitz, Chaffetz immediately goes to Lynch. After sharing his information he also went to explain about the well known talk she had with James Comey. It is in fact true that Lynch told Comey not to look at Hillary’s case as an “investigation.”

Lynch is currently wanted for “political interference” during the FBI’s Hillary investigation. How things turn out now is up to Chaffetz and how he shares the crucial evidence.

Trump has been announcing his “Drain the Swamp” for a few months now. Things have been progressing smoothly and this is just another swamp being taken care of. Chaffetz is only here to give a helping hand.

Comment below and share your thoughts on this. Will Lynch be going to jail?


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