Breaking: You won’t believe who NSA leaker Reality Winner pledged her allegiance to!


Last Thursday, the alleged National Security Agency leaker, Reality Winner, was charged in front of a federal grand jury on a single count, reports The Gateway Pundit. A recent report that just came in suggests that she intended to bur The White House to the ground and you will be shocked to find out who she pledged allegiance to.


As we know, Reality Winner was taken into custody last week due to leaking classified documents to The Intercept. And, as reported by Liberty Writers, she expressed her hatred towards our president on a daily basis on the social medias. Her testimony will go viral on the internet. She planned to burn the White House down!

WSB Atlanta reports that Winner entered a non-guilty plea. The judge has denied bond.
Among the plenty of evidence collected from her home, there was some that suggested that Winner was planning on burning the White House to the ground and immediately after that make a one-way visit to Afghanistan where she would’ve pledged her allegiance to the Taliban.


The calls she made from the jail with her mother and sister were recorded. She told her mother how to play her side to the media, and also told her sister that: “I’m pretty, white and cute.” She planned on braiding her hair and crying in court.




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