BREAKING: Russia With Sufficient Evidence Allegedly Showing President-elect Trump with Prostitutes


Over the past day, there’s been an event which made a complete chaos in the media with various reports coming in from all around the world about one matter – Russian officials having blackmail file on President-elect Trump.

In the first reports, as reported by Buzzfeed, President-elect Donald Trump was allegedly seen on footage watching prostitute in a Moscow bad. In addition to that report, the U.S. intelligence officials state that they have a two-page summary about the compromising matter, which they later showed it to Trump during a briefing.


But President-elect Trump has very little to say about this subject, and dismissed all accusations, calling them completely fake, also supported by a Russian official, who says that’s all fabricated too.

According to the Daily Mail, Russian sources informed a British government operative of having sufficient evidence of President-elect Trump being in a Moscow suite, where President Obama stayed at one point years ago. In the video, Trump allegedly is watching prostitutes performing demeaning sex acts on the same bed President Obama slept.

The report was quite describing, containing about 35 pages and was being initially published by Buzzfeed. Although the content of the report hasn’t yet been verified, some media like CNN didn’t care much about that and went right on with the story.

According to Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, the files are “complete fabrication and utter nonsense.”

He dismissed all accusations of President-elect Trump and stated:  “This information does not correspond to reality and is no more than fiction. There are those who pump up such a tantrum and do their best to maintain a ‘witch hunt’, and by the way, this is how president-elect Trump characterized this fake. And why is the continuation of this hysterical state needed? To force our relationship to stay degraded.”

“It is a complete fake – not worth the paper it was written on,” he added.

Turns out that the media that continuously grumbled about “fake news” are currently deploying the biggest of them all!


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