Breaking: Mueller Caught Colluding With A Very Powerful Democrat!


President Donald Trump is just about always under attack from the left. Whether it is for colluding with the Russians or being racist or whatever they can come up with to attack him with, there is always something wrong with the way he does things. But things are now taking a chilling turn in a whole new direction after this announcement from Special Council Robert Mueller.

Mueller, who was chosen to lead the investigation into Trump’s involvement with the Russians, has been attacked himself by conservatives. Many believe that he will just try to work with the liberals in an effort to get Trump out of office. Others argue that there is a huge conflict of interest between him and former FBI Director James Comey.

There are not going to like this next news, then. Robert Mueller just got a very dangerous sidekick. He will now be teaming up with New York’s liberal Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. This could very much hurt President Donald Trump’s powers to pardon. Mueller and Schneiderman have been sharing information with each other for the past few weeks.

The fact that this man is allowed to be part of this investigation is a joke and he needs to go as quickly as he came. This man has a huge bias against President Trump and will make sure that this is nothing but a witch hunt.


This man has even threatened to sue the president (on numerous occasions). He even recently won a $25 million lawsuit against Trump University. This is turning into some very bad news for President Trump. If there is not a change very soon, we could see some threats coming in very soon.

This man has no idea what he is getting himself into and if he is not careful, he might start feeling the full force of the Republican party on his back. This lawyer is only looking for a way to get back at Trump. There is no question that this was planned by Robert Mueller all along. Trump was right about it. This is a witch hunt to destroy him.

(h/t Fox News)


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