BREAKING: MASSIVE Democrat Corruption Scandal Erupts… You Won’t Believe What…


Karma is finally catching up!

Since Donald Trump won the presidential elections, among the many liberals who were condemning and criticizing him there was one who opposed him most ferociously was Rep. John Lewis, who said: “Donald Trump is not our legitimate president.” And now he is paying every penny for that.


A recent report says that there has been established a watchdog group by conservatives with the purpose of investigating Rep.

Lewis and his chief of staff thoroughly, as rumors say they have been breaking House ethics rules.

The House ethics rules say that the stuff is prohibited with being a creditor for a political organization. In addition to this, the rules especially highlight that campaign treasurers as a role that staffers can serve in. Both Lewis and Collins have breached this rule.

“In this case, not only did Collins directly violate these rules,” FACT wrote in a letter to OCE, “but Representative Lewis also violated the ethics rules because his own campaign employed Collins in a prohibited position and paid him a prohibited salary.”

The House Ethics Committee has already put a sanction to Collins due to failure to disclose or pay taxes on over $50,000 in income from Rep. Lewis’s campaign.

It’s been noted that in the past few years, the income of Collin’s was literally the same with the limit for senior staff.


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