Breaking: liberals come up with a new sick plot to sabotage Trump and actually harm everyone in the U.S.


As we’ve seen so far, Democrats are willing to everything in their power to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency and also other Republican members throughout the country.

And now they are preparing for another sick attempt at ruining him.


As reported by Fox News, 21 cities, of whom the majority are self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, have promised to make 1 million immigrants legal by the end of this year. Their main focus is on “recruiting” enough people to legalize and vote against President Trump and anything the Republicans put in their way.

But if they think this plan of there is going to work, they’ve got another thing coming.

The key states are without doubt Democrat states such as New York and California. And just to name a few from the individual cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Dallas and other.

This project by the left is called “Naturalize Now,” and it’s an initiative created with a single purpose – preventing illegals from being deported under President Trump. But, the only and most significant problem they fail to realize, is that according to the federal law these people cannot be in the U.S. legally. No matter how much they close their eyes or hope the government will neglect this, it’s simply not going to happen, particularly now under President Trump.

It’s funny how liberals see President Trump’s stance on immigration. The president has never spoken against people who try to come here legally. If one should follow the process and gets vetted, he is more than welcome to come to our country.

Now it’s a problem when people attempt to enter the states illegally, increase crime rates, take welfare, and afterwards claim to be the victim. So the real problem are illegal immigrants, not the ones who come here legally. So any claim of the left that Trump is “racist” for fighting back illegal aliens is a complete nonsense.

I wonder, how would Dems feel when they experience the crime and the violence brought by these illegal immigrants. Would they feel safe on the streets just as they are feeling now? Absolutely NOT. I bet the moment they experience such a violence, or even witness it, they would let go of this stupid “Naturalize Now’ project.

Los Angeles major Eri Garcetti stated:

“We celebrate our independence on July 4, and honor the values of freedom, justice, unity, and equality that makes us who we are.”

Clearly he doesn’t get it, just as the rest of the liberals. We are talking about illegal immigrants here, not the ones who try to get here after passing all procedures and steps.


All this fake rage comes after the announcement of two new bills which were passed in order to crack down on illegal immigration. The first one is Kate’s Law, which targets illegal aliens who attempt to come back to the U.S. after being previously deported. The other is called No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, which aims on blocking federal grants to sanctuary cities that break federal law.

Leftists are currently plotting how to engage President Trump and how to stop him along with anyone else standing in their way. Rather than doing that, I think they should ask themselves how are they going to feel about their children with these criminals roaming our streets, causing chaos and selling drugs. I bet then they will want to get rid of every illegal in the U.S.


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