Breaking: Huge White House Leaker Uncovered – See Who It Is…


A massive White House leak, and it’s mole has been discovered and identified. If you thought being a RINO was bad enough, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. This RINO has a longstanding grip with President Trump and has been the balding face of the RINO party ever since Trump began his campaign to be the leader of the free world.

He’s such a RINO that they may as well call him a DIC – democrat in chief.


According to Rocket Politics, ever since President Donald Trump took office, his White House has been plagued by a series of leaks. Now, it appears that one of the main leakers has just been exposed.

Freedom Daily reported that Arizona Senator John McCain has been identified as one of the leakers. New reports have revealed that he gained access to items deemed private by Trump and then released them to the media to sabotage the president. These items included things like phone calls with major world leaders.

McCain was exposed by his own recent public statements by White House officials, coupled with information from intelligence personnel working with the Trump administration. Officials think he had inside knowledge of Trump’s phone conversations, including one with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider said. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.”

McCain has spent the past year slamming Trump to anyone who will listen. This comes after the Gateway Pundit reported that it was just revealed that Fusion GPS Co-founder Glenn Simpson personally gave McCain (R-AZ) a copy of the now discredited dossier. Earlier reports had claimed that McCain was made aware of the dossier from British associates, but was never in possession of the document’s final draft.

This was all revealed in journalist Luke Harding’s new book, “Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.” In the book, Harding wrote about how reporters at competing outlets rallied together as part of an effort to expose Trump’s alleged Russia ties.

“There was healthy competition still, but reporters on different titles began working together on some stories. There were formal press consortiums and ad hoc conversations between onetime rivals,” Harding wrote. “I talked to The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Financial Times in London, Reuters, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, CNN, and others. Such conversations took place in New York, Washington, London, Munich, and Sarajevo. Some happened in glossy conference rooms, others in the corners of pubs over warm ale.”

H/T Rocket Politics

When you’re a politician, then you’re best remembered for the good that you do. What good is McCain doing? He has a second career that he could do great things with, so why is he wasting his time being the annoying politician who spends his days trolling the President? Why not be helpful instead?


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