BREAKING: Eric Holder Finally Gets What He Deserves – PAYBACK TIME For Years of CORRUPTION


It turns out that California government officials have employed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder after the presidential elections in order to defy President-elect Donald Trump. This didn’t get past the Judicial Watch, as they quickly reacted and filled a request with the California State Legislature to get sufficient information about Eric Holder’s hiring.

According to the Daily Caller that, a firm of Holder’s, Covington & Burling, was hired with “outside counsel” role to the legislature by California.


Judicial Watch’s filing was focusing “all contracts between the California Legislature and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. or Covington and Burling,” in addition to “all communications between the California Legislature and former U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. or Covington and Burling about the Legislature’s retention of Holder and/or Covington and Burling.”

Afterwards, Judicial Watch’s President, Tom Fitton gave a statement in which he demanded “records request”  an effort to “expose how California state legislators are wasting tax dollars to take care of another corrupt politician – Eric Holder – under the guise of resisting the rule of law on immigration and other matters.”

“His record at the Clinton and Obama Justice Departments demonstrates a willingness to bend the law in order to protect his political patrons,” he added.

Eric Holder was Obama’s attorney general during his two mandates from 2009-2015 and according to Judicial Watch said that in that time, Holder was the only one from the attorney generals to ever be held in contempt of Congress on both civil and criminal grounds. The reason for this is his refusal to work with probes into Operation Fast & Furious in 2012.


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