Breaking: Democrats Just Lost A Huge Vote!


Things won’t work too well for Democrats, and their party has just received a punch in the face. Well, that’s how people interpret the judge’s decision to deny a Democrat senator for voting. This was the only considerable decision, because the Democrat is facing charges for corruption.

US District Court Judge William H. Walls turned down Sen. Robert Menendez’s request to have his corruption trial recessed on specific days which would allow the senator to cast his vote. This was quite a disgraceful request. Senator Menendez has to bear the consequences of his actions, and this ruling is a clear sign that karma is ready to take some action.


“The Court will not serve as concierge to any party or lawyer. Defendant Menendez claims that he is in a ‘unique situation’ because his voting duties are ‘on a schedule not of his own making.’ But so are the duties of the radio repairman, the cab driver, and the businessman. Yet none would claim the right to dictate the schedule of their own criminal trial,” Judge Walls wrote in his opinion.

The trial is scheduled to begin on September 6. Menendzez is accused for doing official favors for Florida doctor Salomon Melgen. The senator knew how to cash out the benefits, and enjoyed his private jet flights, vacations and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations.

Although Menendez did his best to delay the trial, Judge Walls will no longer tolerate his requests. Menendez’s lawyers didn’t like the court’s decision, and said that the senator has the right to appear both on his trial and the Senate floor.

This is the beginning of the end. Every Democrat will be exposed for the things they have done so far. Let’s just hope that Hillary Clinton won’t get away with her crimes. Justice will always find its way out, and senator Menendez learned it the hard way.

What do you think about the court’s decision to keep Senator Menendez out of the Senate during his trial? Do you agree with this ruling? How will Democrats accept this decision? Will they try to save their vote?


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