Ben Carson Shuts Down Maxine Waters In What Will Be Forever Known As Ultimate Congressional Comeback


Maxine Waters is just another deranged Democrat. She constantly insults President Trump and this country, and she doesn’t have even basic respect for conservative points of view. Now as IJR is reporting, Waters tried to take on Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and got completely wrecked in the process.

Carson was testifying today in front of the House Financial Services Committee. Waters asked him about damage caused by Hurricane Maria to Puerto Rico. She asked whether Carson agreed with President Trump’s tweets on Puerto Rico. According to Waters, Trump’s tweets “shamed” Puerto Rico and threatened it with abandonment.


Carson bypassed her partisan hackery with a  simple response: “I have no intention of abandoning Puerto Rico,” he said, adding it’s not beneficial to blame anyone.


“He sought to shame the territory for its own plight,” Waters claimed.

Carson explained that Puerto Rico has a proud history and is an important part of America.

“No I’m not talking about that,” Waters said disrespectfully, demanding again if Carson believes Puerto Rico should be abandoned and demanding that Carson disavow Trump’s tweets.

“Of course it should not be abandoned,” Carson said.

Guess what, Trump never said it should be abandoned either he just pointed out problems it has that were there long before the hurricane. Good try, Maxine, you partisan hack. Ben Carson saw right through your strategy.

Watch Ben Carson take Maxine Waters apart:


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