Barack Obama and Susan Rice are plotting a treason – They are hiding important documents from the public


Barack Obama gets himself into more trouble. Judicial Watch release new alarming details. It seems as though he and Susan Rice have been exporting classified documentation from the White House to the Obama Presidential library.

As we all know Susan Rice was accused of unmasking officials and potentially trying to destroy Trump and his team during the election run. Well a couple of failed FOIA requests were checked by Judicial Watch. What they found is alarming.


Many documents connected to the Obama administration have been sent to the Obama library. With that he just sealed away some important information from the public for 5 years. It’s all legal with the Presidential Records Act, however nobody knows what exactly he is trying to hide there.

Well Judicial Watch have a sneaking suspicion. After all those failed FOIA requests, there is bound to be some illegal attempts at spying Trump. Where best to hide those information than right under the public’s nose.

After Susan Rice’s acceptance of the fact that she actually unmasked some Americans, this could be the perfect route to hide those documents.

Obama is involved in yet another scandal. The possibility of it being a treason are high. Share the news and let everyone know that the former president still has something to hide.


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