Another Clinton-related figure takes his own life




Just ten days after Republican operative Peter Smith disclosed to the media that during the campaign last year he attempted to obtain Hillary’s emails from Russian hackers, he died in circumstances, which some think are rather suspicious.

Judging from the Minnesota state death record, which was reviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Peter Smith reportedly committed a suicide in a hotel room in Rochester on May 14th. He’d placed a bag over his head which had been attached to a helium source of some kind. This hotel was located right next to the Mayo Clinic, well known specialist hospital that treats particularly difficult cases.


According to the report, Smith apparently left a suicide note in which he wrote “No foul play” was involved in his death and that he decided to take his own life due to a “recent bad turn in health since January, 2017” and cause his life insurance policy was almost expired.

Even someone from the other side of the political aisle found this note suspicious and troubling:


Furthermore, the journalist that interviewed Smith 10 days before he committed suicide, Sane Harris, he admitted that he didn’t detect to the Republican operative any sign of illness, nor did he detect any hidden will to take his own life away.

One of Smith’s former employees was asked about the condition of his now-deceased boss, and he stated that his boss had been receiving treatment from the Mayo Clinic for his heart condition, which kind of suggests that he had been hopeful about recovering.


According to a Wall Street Journal publication, Harris itemized Smith’s achievements, which consisted of assembling a team independent from then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign with the purpose of recovering emails that might have been stolen from Hillary’s private server while she was State Secretary.

“Mr. Smith’s focus was some 33,000 emails Mrs. Clinton said were deleted because they were deemed personal,” Harris reported. “Mr. Smith said he believed that the emails might have been obtained by hackers and that they actually concerned official matters Mrs. Clinton wanted to conceal.”


Harris noted that he discovered some recruiting emails which were written by Smith in order to persuade others to join him by convincing them that he was working with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who at the time was serving as a top adviser to Trump.

Peter Smith’s death two months ago doesn’t appear to be the first one that’s been related with Clinton and had been considered a suicide. There’ve been many other similar cases, such as the “suicide” of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster in 1993 by a gunshot wound, which is still found by many conspiracy theorists to be a classical murder case perpetrated by the Clintons, despite lack of evidence to support these claims.




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