ABC Reporter makes a huge mistake – Newt Gingrich makes her regret it


ABC just failed trying to embarrass Newt Gingrich. Martha Raddatz got destroyed moments later after she tried to get one over Gingrich. Look at how it all turned out:


Gingrich was on countless shows for the past weeks. His goal was to clear every little misunderstanding about Donald Trump. His support for his president is remarkable as is his search for justice.

Raddatz tried to start off a conversation about the Trump-Russia conspiracy. Little did she know that that’s just an old story that passed news headlines a long time ago. Something else she didn’t know is that it would really irritate Gingrich. Instead of the response she was waiting, she got a good beating on live TV.

If Trump was watching this, he would have given Gingrich a medal. Not only did he pointed out the biggest problem in that conspiracy theory but he also made sure nobody ever speaks about it again.

This has been settled many times with evidence about every little detail. Trump never had a conspiracy with Russia. Get that through your head mainstream media. It’s amazing that they still want to keep this story up.

Comment below and tell us what you think. Share the news and let every mainstream outlet know not to mess with false news in front of Gingrich.


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